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(I’m going to my bed and I will think about crazy things)



(I’m going to my bed and I will think about crazy things)

[R]esearchers found that smartphone use after 9 p.m. was associated with decreased sleep quantity at night. That decreased sleep quantity was associated with morning depletion the next day, and morning depletion was associated with decreased work engagement for that day.

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The Longest Day This Year - At Half Mast

I’m choking on my own words.

The words I thought I’d make them eat.

All the ones who didn’t believe,

now I’m the one who can’t fucking believe everything.

I poured myself into you.

Every sacrifice, every tear I cried.

Every day I thought I’d fucking die

if I couldn’t have you by my side.

Every time you crushed my fucking pride.

And I believed in you, I took it all for you,

but you just walked away.

And now I see that you never really loved me.

You can’t leave someone that you love.

To die alone to rot away.

I can’t believe the things I heard you say.

When every single fucking day

I tried so hard to find a way to keep you from walking away.

I’m standing here face to face with 14 months of fucking waste.

Never understand this emptiness.

You’ll never understand my loneliness.

Never understand my bitterness.

I hope every day when you wake up you remember what you had.

I hope it haunts your conscience until the day you die.


mixed media piece by tattoo artist Lisa “gittson” ✨😊🐍🍃🌙✨